3 Popular Types of Massages

Learn more about a few of the massage modalities therapists use

Whether it’s to relax and relieve stress, ease muscle tension, or help heal an injury, many people opt to use massage to address these issues. Working as a massage therapist can also be a desirable career choice. If you like interacting with people, enjoy a physical profession, and have a passion for health and wellness, you might want to consider checking out a massage therapy training program like the one at Seacoast Career Schools.

The Seacoast program will train you on the varied forms and techniques of massage used for relaxation and to aid healing, so that you can serve members the general public who might walk into a spa, as well as clients with specific needs such as athletes, seniors, and pregnant women. Once trained, you can look for opportunities to work in a wide range of environments including spas, resorts, chiropractors’ offices, senior living facilities, hospitals, and fitness clubs.

Here are some details about just a few of the massages that are often popular with people who may someday be your clients.

Swedish massage

This is one of the most well-known and requested types of massage. It is said to increase the circulation of blood to over four times the normal rate. It is also thought to increase the levels of oxygen in the blood. Therapists accomplish all this by using a series of strokes:

  • effleurage, which are long, fluid movements
  • tapotement, a kind of percussive drumming movement
  • petrissage, which includes kneading, rolling, and lifting
  • vibration, which are movements that rock and shake
  • friction, which involves wringing or small circular movements.

Aromatherapy Massage

One way to think of aromatherapy is as a Swedish massage in which the therapist adds essential oils to the massage lotion or oil. This type of massage can be useful for general stress reduction and muscle-tension relief. Adding the essential oils is thought to help other ailments including back pain, premenstrual syndrome, digestive issues, headaches, and insomnia. Therapists use different essential oils for different effects. For example, lavender is used to calm, while rosemary is used to energize. Eucalyptus acts as a decongestant. Sometimes a therapist will choose a specific oil based on how a client responds to questions about current symptoms. For other massages, the therapist might use a pre-blended combination of oils. The therapist should always check with clients to ensure they don’t have any allergies before moving ahead with this type of massage, because if an allergy exists, the oils can cause a skin reaction or irritation.

Thai Massage

This is a blended mix of yoga, stretching, and acupressure. Rather than techniques that require the client to remain still on a table, the therapist uses massage movements and manually poses and stretches the client, who remains somewhat passive on the table. This technique is performed with the client fully clothed, and on a mat rather than on a massage table. Thai massage is thought to help align the energy in the body. Some people find it helps to relieve muscle spasms, back pain, and migraines. It can also improve range of motion and flexibility.

Other popular massage types include deep tissue, Shiatsu, hot stone, and reflexology. Why not book a massage for yourself in the next few weeks and try one for yourself?

If you like the idea of working with massage modalities to reduce stress and relieve pain for clients, while also promoting overall wellness, investigate local massage therapy programs where you can train and prepare you for a career in this interesting field. We wish you the best of luck!

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