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Tips for Being a More Effective Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

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There’s always room for improvement in this vital healthcare role

Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Work smarter, not harder.” If you’re in school training to become a medical billing and coding specialist, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities once you land that first job. You can rely on the training you will have received, but you’ll have an advantage if you focus on your interpersonal skills—which are essential in this field.

Here are some ways to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward once you’re in the workplace:

1. Get organized

The better your system for keeping track of all the information you’ll be taking in from various sources, the better a job you can do. Whether it’s understanding your supervisor’s requests, getting input from doctors or other staff members, or gathering essential information from patients, there will be many details to keep track of in this line of work. It can take a while before you get the hang of procedures and how your colleagues like things done. While you’re learning, develop systems for yourself so you can keep straight the kinds of information you’re responsible for.

2. Solicit feedback from your supervisor

Confident employees face their own weaknesses head-on, and take the attitude that they’re on the same team as their supervisor. That’s part of what it means when people say “be a team player.” How does this look? Ask questions regularly—at appropriate times. Find out if your manager would prefer you do anything differently. Check back with them to see whether you understood their suggestions and they’re satisfied with the results. They are likely to be impressed that you take their feedback to heart and are willing to make changes.

3. Commit to networking

You'll soon learn that talking with other professionals often opens up new possibilities—and sometimes even ideas that can help you improve outcomes. That’s all networking is, really: making and sustaining connections with people in your field. Get to know your counterparts at other medical offices or even the insurance companies you interact with. Keep in touch with other students in your training program. Short on time? Join a discussion group on social media, or become a member of a trade association. You never know where the valuable insight could come from that could make your job that much easier. Your peers might be able to fill you in on new coding procedures, or even just make you feel less alone in your day-to-day work challenges.

4. Stay flexible

It might not be long on the job before you find you have suggestions for how to simplify or streamline processes and procedures. Just be gentle with your suggestions, and don’t be discouraged if your colleagues or supervisors don’t always readily accept them. It can take a long time to get into the groove of “office culture”—not only how a particular office works—but why.

As you enter the medical billing and coding profession, you may find that putting these suggestions into practice makes the workday go smoother or improves your supervisor’s opinion of your work. You might discover the satisfaction of setting new challenges for yourself, and then attaining your goals. Want to know more about the field? Find out more about some of the advantages of being a medical billing and coding specialist. Whatever path you take, we hope you’ll apply yourself and find satisfaction in a job well done!


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