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  • How to Break Your Cell Phone Addiction

    break your cell phone addiction, addicted to cell phone​Improve your quality of life with more time away from your device

    It might seem like technology is a blessing in modern life—we can do so many things remotely and on the fly. We never need to be bored or out of touch for a moment. But you might begin to notice that your phone is taking over your life.

  • Tips for Staying Well Hydrated This Summer

    Here are simple ways to care for yourself by replacing lost fluids

    Are you drinking enough water? It’s about more than quenching a thirst. Replacing lost fluids is essential to lots of bodily functions—and brain functions! Many people find it challenging to drink enough water, especially in the summer when you risk losing more water due to the heat. Some find it easy to remember to drink during or after exercise, but your body is losing water all the time—even just by breathing and sweating!

  • Tips for Being a More Effective Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

    There’s always room for improvement in this vital healthcare role

    Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “Work smarter, not harder.” If you’re in school training to become a medical billing and coding specialist, you’ll have a lot of responsibilities once you land that first job. You can rely on the training you will have received, but you’ll have an advantage if you focus on your interpersonal skills — which are essential in this field.

  • How to Prepare for a Job Interview

    prepare for a job interview, job interview tipsInclude these 5 steps in your preparations to set yourself up for success

    When you’re invited to an interview, that means your resume and cover letter got you past the first hurdle and you have the basic qualifications. Congratulations! Now you want to impress the hiring manager in person. This is your opportunity to persuade your employer that you’re the one they need for this particular job. They key to doing well is fairly simple: Spend time preparing!

  • Six Advantages of Being a Dental Assistant

    advantages of being a dental assistant​Here are some compelling reasons to enter this crucial healthcare field

    The days can be very busy as a dental assistant, with a constant stream of new patients. But there are lots of advantages to this profession. If you’re studying to be a dental assistant now, here are some of the things about the job you can look forward to:

  • Advantages of Being a Medical Assistant

    medical assistant programs, being a medical assistantLook into whether this healthcare profession would suit your skills and interests

    Given how many of your waking hours you spend at a job, you deserve to feel passionate about what you do. One way to make that happen is to find a career training program that will put you on a track towards work that you know you’ll like.

  • Going Back to School as an Adult

    school for adults, adult going back to schoolUse this advice to know what to expect

    If you are going back to school as an adult, hats off to you! It takes a lot of courage to enroll if you’ve been out of school for a long time. Colleges and career-focused training schools are a great way to build your marketable skills and get you started in a new career field. But if you feel nervous about being in the classroom, don’t worry…you are not the only one!

  • Ways to Work Self-Care into a Busy Schedule


    how students can take care of themselvesThere’s always time to make yourself a priority

    Life as a student has many stresses, from tests and papers to family responsibilities and finding time to socialize. There’s so much going on each week that you probably think you don’t have time to focus on taking care of yourself. But every little bit helps!

  • Seven Benefits of Becoming a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

    medical billing and coding job benefits​To determine whether this a desirable career for you in healthcare, find out what you can expect

    Seacoast Career Schools offers a medical billing and coding specialist program that students can complete in less than a year. That means that, in less than a year, you could gain the skills and training to start your first job as a health claims specialist. If you think this might be an interesting path, take a moment to learn about some of the benefits that you may find in a medical billing and coding role:

  • Fun Things to Do in Sanford, Maine This Summer


    fun things to do in sanford MEHow to enjoy your summer locally—on a student budget

    During the academic year, when the stress of school dominates your waking—and sleeping!—hours, the promise of a long summer may keep you going. For good reason! If you’re studying at Seacoast Career Schools Sanford Campus, you may already know that Sanford happens to be a great place to relax, unwind, and enjoy the lighter and longer days. Summer is the perfect time to explore the fun attractions in the area, and we want to make sure you’re aware of all the options.

  • How Much Should a Massage Hurt?

    how much should a massage hurt, massage schoolWhether you’re training to become a massage therapist, or a client on the table, it’s important to know how much pressure is enough

    Massage therapy is a great way to wake up to whatever your body needs.  Massage therapists are specially trained to ask questions, so they can get a sense of areas that might be bothering you in general, but also to pay close attention to your body and your body language during a massage.

  • Look out for the Heat This Summer

    heat safety precautions​It’s worth taking extra precautions in the summer months for safety

    We might not always think about heat safety, but now that July is just around the corner, the temperatures are rising, and it’s wise to be cautious when those heat indexes creep up. As the National Weather Service says, “Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year and even more heat-related illnesses.” You want to make sure your friends and family are spared any heat-related unpleasantness this summer, let alone injury.

  • Get the Most Out of Your Flossing

    flossing tips​Make sure you’re using your time well in front of the mirror

    From as long as you can remember, your dentist has been probably been reminding you to floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities. Despite the fact that some news has suggested there’s a surprising lack of evidence to prove that flossing actually works, students in our Dental Assisting program will tell you that flossing is still an essential part of good oral hygiene.

  • 4 Steps You Can Take to Celebrate Men’s Health Month

    mens health monthHalf of the population can move towards living healthier, longer, and happier lives 

    We hear a lot about women’s health in the media, but not always as much about men’s health. But our entire society relies on boys and men living long and healthy lives! June offers an opportunity to change that, when the nation celebrates Men’s Health Month with health fairs, screenings, and other education and outreach activities targeting men. You can take part in your own life, and reap the benefits in the short term as well as the long term.

  • June Brings Several Campus Initiatives to Manchester

    80's day, Seacoast Manchester campus eventsStudent Ambassadors get some help with instructors to sponsor spirit week, an ’80s theme day, and a new recycling program

    This month has already seen some exciting activity at the Manchester campus of Seacoast Career Schools. The Student Ambassador program has been busy and, with the support of several instructors and staff members, brought some fun-filled events as well as positive changes to the school.

  • Make Safety a Priority This Season

    fireworks safety​Don’t let a passion for fireworks compromise the safety measures you take

    Now that we’ve come into summer, there are extra safety precautions to take into account. Swimming, sunshine, and active outdoor activities all come with their own risks. But with the Fourth of July holiday only a few weeks away, it’s a good time to keep in mind some basic common sense to minimize the chance of injuries when it comes to a popular American tradition: fireworks. This is a time to celebrate, of course, but nothing can ruin a get-together like an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

  • Useful Apps for Medical Assistants

    apps for medical assistants​These apps are helpful for medical assistants as well as medical assisting students

    If you’re a medical assisting student, you can find creative ways to use technology in your studies. Some apps can provide useful information to help you prepare for exams. And once you are working in your new career field, apps can make it easier for you to do your job more efficiently, by providing instant access to up-to-date medical knowledge. Apps can also serve as a guide in terms of patient care, managing your daily routine, and gaining knowledge you’ll use every day as a medical assistant.

  • Tips for Choosing Foods That Will Help Boost Your Energy

    energy boosting food, foods that give you energyFollow these dietary suggestions to fuel for your body and mind

    Do you find yourself feeling stressed or tired in a regular basis? One way to help manage your energy and stress is to eat foods that don’t just taste good in the short term, but will fuel for your body and mind over time. Eating right can help to regulate your energy as well as your mood. When you’re a student is a great time to establish healthy habits—they will support you now and throughout a demanding career.

  • Manchester Campus Launches New Student Newsletter

    seacoast career schools manchester campus newsletterThe students and staff teamed up to produce an impressive, informative publication

    May 18 marked the date of the launch of a new student publication at the Manchester campus of Seacoast Career SchoolsThe Seacoast Sentinel. A team of students and staff created this newsletter to keep the school community in the loop about what is happening on campus.

    The editors are Cheryl Kalns, who is the Evening Coordinator/Instructor, and Christine Sullivan, who serves multiple roles as Social Media Coordinator/Extern Site Evaluator/Instructor. “Maintaining communication is sometimes difficult,” Sullivan says,  “and this was a sure way to help everyone to be on the same page about campus activities—and to have a little fun as well.”

  • 5 Tips on How to Dress for Work Success

    tips for dressing professionally, how to dress for workBe aware of what the way you dress for work says about you

    Part of being effective for your job means dressing the part. Whether you wear scrubs to work, business attire, or “business casual,” the same principles hold true for how to dress for work success. If you work in the healthcare field, and scrubs are your work outfit, how you wear them can make you look either professional or sloppy. (You might want to follow these tips on looking your best in scrubs).

  • Manchester’s Student Ambassador Program Is Going Strong

    seacoast career schools student ambassadorsTwo students are taking the lead in supporting their peers in practical as well as fun ways

    The students at the Manchester campus of Seacoast Career Schools are benefitting greatly from a Student Ambassador Program that is now in full swing. This initiative designates several more-experienced students to support their peers with help of any kind. This can include making the transition to the academic aspect of student life or even just the practicalities of getting to school, making friends, or meeting their basic needs.

  • What It Takes to Become a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

    medical billing school​These medical professionals play a vital role in the healthcare system

    Medical billing and coding specialists have an essential role at a hospital or doctor’s office. These professionals prepare, process, and submit insurance claims and bills for patient services, so that the healthcare provider gets paid for services rendered.

  • Honoring Seacoast Instructors for Teacher Appreciation Week

    Seacoast Sanford Teacher Appreciation mealBoth campuses held special events last week to thank the instructors they value so much

    Teacher Appreciation Week is always worth celebrating—especially at Seacoast Career Schools, where the instructors go so far above and beyond for the students. Here we offer some highlights from the two campuses’ activities last week.

  • What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

    dental assistant responsibilities, dental assistant job description​Find out if this position in the dental field is right for you

    Can you visualize yourself in scrubs and working as a professional in dental healthcare? If you like being organized and using your hands, then being a dental assistant could be a great career choice. Dental assistants work in a dentist’s office and have a wide range of responsibilities, ranging from office tasks to lab work. One of the most comprehensive and varied roles in dentistry, it’s suitable for individuals who like a hands-on job that demands technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

  • Get to Know 4 Manchester Instructors for Teacher Appreciation Week

    Seacoast career schools, get to know the instructorsCelebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by learning some fun facts about your instructors

    For the first part of May, schools around the country are celebrating Teacher Appreciation. Here at Seacoast Manchester, we thought it would be fun to learn some basic facts about an instructor from each of the school’s four different programs. Some of the answers might surprise you!

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