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  • Use Yoga to Help You Relax

    yoga for health and stress relief​Take a few minutes out of your day to move, breathe, and stretch

    Are you having trouble unwinding at the end of a challenging day? Do you dread getting out of bed because of everything you have ahead of you? There’s a simple solution that can bring your quick relief—and it’s free, as well as good for your mind and body. Yoga.

  • Tips on How to Be a Great Medical Assistant

    be a great medical assistantIt takes a range of “hard” and “soft” skills to be good at this job in healthcare

    If you’ve studied to be a medical assistant, you’re on your way to a profession that can offer lots of opportunities. Starting your first job after you finish your program can be exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking. You’ll have gained plenty of training, but it can help to keep some things in mind about what makes people successful in this position.


  • How to Support “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” Day

    take your daughter or son to work day​April 27 is a chance to show kids that the world of work can be fun and engaging

    Whether you have kids or not, on Thursday, April 27, you might have the chance to interact with young people where you work. It’s National “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work” Day. And while this might seem like it pertains only to parents, you can participate as a mentor, or simply as a coworker on the day to make this experience valuable for young visitors.

  • Manchester Massage Students Donate Time and Skills to Boston Marathoners

    seacoast students support Boston Marathon runners, massage therapy​At last Monday’s marathon, students joined instructors and graduates in support of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge

    It was a sunny and unseasonably warm day at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 17. This made the 26-mile course all that more grueling for the runners, but there to help the medical team serve those in need was a group of 16 volunteers from the Manchester campus of Seacoast Career Schools. 

  • How You Can Help Patients to Quit Smoking

    Seacoast Career Schools, stop smoking help, quitting smoking​There are a number of steps healthcare professionals can take to support patients who want to quit

    Whether you already work in a dental office, as a medical assistant, or as a massage therapist, or are training now to enter the heathcare field, you’ll have many interactions daily with people who struggle with the deadly smoking habit. It’s empowering to know that there are steps you can take to support these individuals in making the choice to quit. Healthcare providers have a particular relationship to the health issues of smoking and are in a unique position to support patients in the process of quitting.

  • What to Look for in an Employer

    what to consider when looking for an employer, company values​In your job search, it’s wise to focus on company qualities that mean the most to you

    When you’re looking for a job, it’s easy to focus on what seems like your primary goal: convincing the employer that they should hire you. But it’s also a good idea to take a step back and remember what you’re looking for. There are some things that might make one company more appealing to you than another. If you know what qualities you’re seeking in an employer, when you see a job listing or go on an interview, you can get a better sense of how much that employer matches up. This could be one of the keys to finding a position that will be satisfying to you in the long term.

  • What Makes Swedish Massage So Popular?

    swedish massage, massage therapist school​This style of massage encompasses a number of health benefits

    Swedish massage is common in spa treatments, and many students in massage therapist school will be trained in this methodology. But why is it so well known? What distinguishes it from other styles of massage?

  • 5 Ways That Pets Support Your Health

    how pets benefit your healthFurry critters do more than bring us joy—they make us healthier

    Anyone who’s had a pet knows that familiar feeling of coming home to one. The wagging tail of a dog or the cat rubbing up against your legs can take the edge off even the most difficult day. Pets are always happy to see us, and caring for them takes us outside ourselves. But it turns out that there are several aspects of having a pet that are good for your health, including:

  • Ways to Reduce Your Stress during Stress Awareness Month

    stress awareness month, stress busters​Finding moments of peace throughout your day is good for your health

    We all struggle with stress, stemming from busy lives, demanding careers, and family and friends with lots of needs. This can make it hard to remember to find opportunities for joy—which are equally important! April is National Stress Awareness Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of your stress level. Start identifying ways you can lighten your load—at least inside your head, if not on your “to do” list.

  • Seacoast’s Manchester Students Help Runners at the Shamrock Half Marathon

    medical assisting students volunteer at Shamrock half marathonFour Medical Assisting students gained experience in a unique acute care setting

    On Saturday, March 25, hundreds of runners gathered in Veteran’s Park in Manchester, New Hampshire to run the 13.1-mile course of the inaugural Shamrock Half Marathon. Four Seacoast Career Schools students and one instructor were there as well—doing much more than cheering. They were part of the team staffing the medical tent, which Elliot Hospital supervises each year.


  • Fun Medical Facts for Medical Assistant Students

    fun medical facts, medical trivia​Studying to be a medical assistant? You still might not be aware of some of these strange medical facts!

    People in our medical assistant program are required to develop quite a bit of medical knowledge. From human anatomy and physiology to medical terminology, there’s a lot to absorb. It’s a good idea to make learning fun, so maybe take a break and browse through this list of unusual medical facts. Maybe some of these pieces of trivia will stick with you, or help you remember other details of your studies.

  • Massage Therapy Students Bring Relief to Memory Care Center Employees

    seacoast sanford massage therapists​Seacoast-Sanford students take part in a local employee appreciation day 

    Seven massage therapy students at Seacoast’s Sanford campus recently gave back to members of the community while they practiced their skills. By providing chair massages, the students took part in an employee appreciation day on March 16 at Avita of Wells, a memory care center located in Wells, ME, adjacent to York Hospital.

  • Honor Workplace Eye Wellness Month by Taking Care of Your Eyes

    March is workplace eye health and safety month, photo of glassesDon't take your eyes from granted when you’re at work

    Do you think eye injuries are uncommon? They happen more than you think. According to Prevent Blindness America, nearly a million Americans have lost sight in the wake of an eye injury, and eye injuries happen to two thousand Americans every day.


  • Seacoast Sanford Partners with Local Adult Education Organization

    seacoast sanford partners with Sanford Community Adult Education, photo of desksThe collaboration benefits students who are eager to start their training

    At Seacoast Career Schools Sanford, Campus Director Jennifer Marchese recently announced a new collaboration with Sanford Community Adult Education. At a meeting on Thursday, February 23, the partners discussed opportunities that have arisen as a result of the change in requirements of testing for a high school equivalency exam, from the previously used GED (General Educational Development) to the High School Equivalency Test, or HiSET™. (For more information about these qualifications in Maine, visit the state’s Department of Education’s page on High School Completion.)

  • The Benefits of Staying Well Hydrated

    staying hydrated, benefits of drinking waterKeep that water bottle with you, and your body will love you for it

    It’s National Nutrition Month, and you might not think of water as an essential part of nutrition, but it is! This clear substance makes up a lot of the composition of your body. Our cells need it for almost everything they do. Don’t take water for granted!

  • Seacoast Sanford Partners with the Red Cross

    seacoast sanford partners with Red Cross, blood donation site​This collaboration means a regular donation center in Sanford as well as invaluable experience for students

    On February 23, representatives of Seacoast Career Schools Sanford Campus met with the York County Red Cross to firm up the terms of an ongoing partnership. This new collaboration establishes Seacoast Sanford as a regular blood donation location, where people in the community can come four times a year to donate.

  • A Success Story Returns to the Manchester Campus

    seacoast manchester testimonial, student success story​Alumni Christine Wright spoke to classes about her post-graduation experience.

    In mid-February, Christine Wright stopped by the Manchester campus for a quick visit and ended up staying to talk with more than a dozen students about her experience. Having graduated in July 2016 from the Health Claims Specialist program, she was spotted by Tina Olivar, the Seacoast Career Schools program director. Olivar asked Christine if she’d be willing to “say a few words” to some current students and share about her experience. Christine was happy to do so.

  • Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Some Good Healthy Habits

    easy tips for eating well, simple ways to be healthierThere’s no time like the present to make healthier eating choices

    Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? It can be a challenge to stick to a nutritious diet. We all have busy schedules, and satisfying those cravings can be a welcome stress release. Fast food companies and food manufacturers are experts at convincing you that you need and deserve their tasty treats. And they’re often so convenient.

  • Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month by Supporting Parents

    childrens dental health month, dental assistant school​What better time is there to help instill good oral hygiene in young people?

    Students training to become a dental assistant will learn that an important aspect of your job is educating your younger patients about the benefits of taking preventive measures with regards to their teeth. Kids are not always great with routines, but it can help if the staff at a dentist’s office makes an effort to communicate—not only with kids, but with parents as well.

  • Seacoast Manchester Students Work Together and Learn about Leadership

    seacoast manchester clinic day, medical assistant programs, medical billing and coding programStudents came together this month to support each other in professional and team-building situations

    In mid-February, students at the Manchester campus of Seacoast Career Schools spent some time working together to promote their professional and team building skills. These involved students in the Medical Assistant and Health Claims programs, and the students emerged from both activities with a new understanding of their professional responsibilities and the meaning of teamwork.

  • Should You Consider a Career as a Medical Assistant?

    career as a medical assistant, photo of medical assistant taking vitals​Find out whether this profession would be a good fit for your skills and interests

    Are you thinking about a career in healthcare? Do you care about making a difference on a daily basis? Want to support others in getting the healthcare they need? Consider becoming a medical assistant. Training programs are well suited to people with these interests, and a career in this field means you can make a meaningful contribution to a team of health care providers.

  • Ways to Stand out to Your Instructor

    impress your teacher, make a good impression on your instructor, advice for studentsMaking a good impression in your classes is a smart strategy

    Taking classes in college or as part of a career training program is more serious than what you may have become used to in high school. Your professors have higher standards, and they leave a lot of the responsibility for learning up to you. It’s important to demonstrate that you are showing initiative.

  • How to Write a Cover Letter for Massage Therapy Jobs

    cover letter for massage therapistsAn effective cover letter introduces you to a prospective employer

    Once you have completed massage therapy school, you can start looking for places to apply the skills you’ve learned. A good first step is putting together a resume that highlights your experience. This focuses on your skills, and gives an overview of your education and internship experience.

  • Advantages of Studying in Manchester NH

    manchester NH, school in manchester NH​Learn about what makes our campus location so special

    Manchester has a lot of things going for it—today and throughout centuries of history. At Seacoast Career Schools, we’re proud that it’s home to one of our two campuses. It’s no wonder a lot of our students are excited to live, study, and work in this area.

  • Handwashing Matters That Much More in Healthcare

    handwashing tips, seacoast career schoolsDo your part to keep your workplace free of germs this winter

    When you work in a healthcare profession, part of your job is protecting your patients from germs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to practice what’s called good “hand hygiene”—making sure you’re not spreading infections, or picking them up from your environment. Washing your hands is fundamental to this.

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