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How to Break Your Cell Phone Addiction

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break your cell phone addiction, addicted to cell phoneImprove your quality of life with more time away from your device

It might seem like technology is a blessing in modern life—we can do so many things remotely and on the fly. We never need to be bored or out of touch for a moment. But you might begin to notice that your phone is taking over your life.

Signs that your phone is actually in charge of you:

  • Your posture is on the decline, because you’re always craning your neck down towards your screen.
  • You’re tempted to check your phone at dangerous times, like while driving.
  • You can’t remember the last time you let your mind wander, because in your down time you’re always letting your texts, email, and social media tell you what to think about and focus on.
  • If you don’t have your phone within arm’s reach, you find yourself getting agitated or anxious.
  • You get impatient if you text someone and they don’t quickly text you back.

Any of these sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. But now is always a good time to show that phone who’s boss. Here are some suggestions for weaning yourself off a phone addiction:

Turn off the phone for chunks of time
It saves your battery, and reminds you what it’s like to experience life first-hand. You can try to capture images in your mind instead of with a camera. Anything that doesn’t quickly occur to you can simply float out of your consciousness (instead of turn into a 10-minute impromptu research project).

Leave your phone at home once in a while
Surely there are times when no one needs to get in touch with you—or the most important people in your life are with you (and probably have their phones all charged up). It can be freeing once you get used to it.

Turn on “airplane mode”
If you don’t have an iPhone, this means turning off the wireless access and the cell signal, so your phone is essentially offline. You can still take pictures (just not post them anywhere), and use apps that don’t require Internet access. It’s a good thing to practice while you're driving, at a social gathering, or doing something that’s already absorbing, like watching TV or a movie. Over time you can leave your phone in this mode for longer and longer, while you’re doing other activities. It’s perfect if you’re taking a hike or a walk and need to keep track of the time but don’t need to be “plugged in.” Give airplane mode a chance!

Keep the charge low
If you get used to letting your phone run out of juice, it will start to seem less essential. It will help you to prioritize the times you use it—you don’t want to waste the battery for something trivial. You’ll find you’ll spend less time mindlessly wandering around the Internet looking for something stimulating.

Make some rules
Maybe you can live with leaving your phone in another room when you sleep. Maybe you’re okay keeping the phone in your pocket during meal times. Try for a week and then see if you can increase places where you don’t have it. Before you know it you’ll be more plugged into what’s going on around you.

We hope this has provided some gentle persuasion that there’s a gratifying life to be had without your phone! Many people find they’re more productive in their work and more content in their lives without the hundreds of distractions coming at them every hour when they’re glued to their phones. At the very least, your posture is likely to improve!


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