Career Options for Massage Therapists

Find out more about where massage therapists work

As the public increasingly recognizes the health benefits of massage therapy, massage therapists have a growing number of options when it comes to deciding where to practice. Before you start your job search, familiarize yourself with the all the options available to see which one best suits your needs and skills.


Do you like helping people relax and de-stress? Using soft music, candles, and scented lotions, spa massage therapists try to give their clients the most high-end experience to help them unwind. With their large menu of services, spa therapists also can work on a variety of techniques and services, including Swedish massages, scrubs, and wraps. While they often have back-to-back sessions, massage therapists can gain a lot of experience.

Fitness Center

Is being fit important to you? Are you interested in sports? Becoming more common, fitness centers and gyms may offer massage therapy to help the weekend warriors and amateur athletes increase flexibility, soothe sore muscles, and recover from intense workouts. Therapists typically will have experience with sports massage and enjoy working with clients who care about health and well-being. Many gyms offer massages by appointment only, so working in a gym may appeal to you if you are willing to limit your work to a certain number of hours over the course of the week.


Do you like to work on your own schedule and prefer certain massage techniques? You may want to work for yourself. You can work out of your home, rent a space, visit clients at their homes, or provide short massages for staff of a corporate client. If you choose to work for yourself, you will also need to provide the administrative side of the business, such as scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, and marketing.

Spa Chain

Have you noticed the small spa chains and franchises popping up in shopping malls? These chains offer massages for a bargain, which means that if you work there you may have steady work and gain a lot of experience. These chains can also expect massage therapists to assist with the sales aspect of the business.

Medical Practice

Are you interested in a faster-pace environment and helping those with medical needs? A medical practice may be for you. Massage therapists in hospitals, chiropractor’s offices, or physical therapist’s offices often work with a medical team to help patients with injuries. If you work in a medical setting, you will have to understand medical terminology and be able to work with patients that may be in pain.

We hope this article helps you explore some of the many possibilities open to massage therapists. We are happy to provide you more information about our massage therapy program and other career training programs.

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