Professional Medical Assistant Courses

Read about some of our Professional Medical Assistant courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new career.

Sample Professional Medical Assistant Courses

Medical Office Procedures

This course provides students with administrative knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to function as supervisors in office environments.

Electronic Health Records

This course will cover the usage and management of health information and the electronic health record (EHR). This course will introduce the students to the use of health information and the EHR for any setting within the health care industry from acute, ambulatory, long term, home health, specialty, population health, and personal health that encompass the continuum of care. This course will provide students with a practical understanding of what an EHR specialist is and how important they are in the job market today.


This course expands the student’s knowledge of origins, classifications, administration and uses of medications. The Allied Health student will review pharmaceuticals for the integumentary system, nervous system, emotional and mental disorders, eyes and ears, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, and nutrition.

Anatomy & Physiology Fundamentals

This course gives the student an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Allied Health students will review the following main topic areas: structural units, chemistry of living things, cells, tissues and membranes, integumentary system, central nervous system, peripheral and autonomic nervous system, special senses, and musculoskeletal system.

Medical Computer Skills

Computerized software: This component introduces and simulates situations using medical administrative software. Students are taught how to input patient information, schedule appointments, and handle billing. In addition, students produce various lists and reports and explore how to handle insurance claims both on forms and electronically.

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