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Externships and Internships

Real-world job experience is extremely valuable. If you have hands-on experience before you start your first job, you will have marketable skills to show to your new employer. You will have a greater sense of confidence in your skills. And you will be ready to apply your skills on Day One of your new job.

At Seacoast Career Schools, we provide all of our students with the opportunity to try out the skills you have learned in the classroom through our externship and internship placements.


Externship placements are part of our Professional Medical Assistant program. For your externship, you will be placed in a real medical office and expected to perform job tasks as though you are a real employee there. But don’t worry, you will be working alongside a supervisor who will help steer the way through the in’s and out’s of the job.


An internship placement is part of our massage therapy program. Our campus in Sanford, ME features a built-in massage clinic where students can practice their skills on one another as well as with real clients. The clinic is equipped with the tables, linens, and other massage supplies you will need to develop your massage techniques during your internship.

Practicing Skills in a Supportive Environment

Whether you are in medical office or massage clinic, qualified staff will guide you while you do the work. There’s nothing to be worried about. And as you attend your externship or internship, you will be gaining real-world experience to list on your resume. A job well done can give you a sense of achievement and build your confidence for when you start looking for employment in today’s job market. An added bonus is the connections you will make. While you are working in your externship, you will meet others in your new field and start developing a network of colleagues. Add it all up, and you’ve got an excellent training experience!

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