About Seacoast

Seacoast Career Schools

Seacoast Career Schools is a private accredited vocational school with a campus in Sanford, Maine. For over 20 years Seacoast has provided career training in the field of allied health. Our strong reputation in the community, our high-quality career training programs, and our knowledge of the career industries are three reasons why more and more people are choosing career-focused education at Seacoast Career Schools.

High-Quality Career Training Programs

At Seacoast, we offer challenging, accelerated career training programs that prepare our students for fulfilling positions in their chosen career fields. One of the hallmarks of a Seacoast education is our hands-on training model. Our programs feature experiential learning opportunities and externships in real work settings, where students experience the practical demands of the modern workplace.

Career-Focused Education

Career-focused education is becoming a popular alternative to other longer and more costly post-secondary options. With the career-focused education that Seacoast provides, students, learn just the subject areas they will need in their new career. This kind of education makes sense, especially today when time and money are so important.

High-Growth Industries

Throughout our school’s history, we have prided ourselves on keeping up with industry trends, and we continually reevaluate our career training programs to be sure that they are in line with the expectations of employers. By providing allied health programs, we are steering our students to industries where job growth is predicted to be strong. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor, shows a growing demand for trained professionals in the allied health industry over the next decade.

Seacoast’s success as a school depends upon the success of our graduates. We are so proud of our many graduates who have found success in their career fields. We welcome new students and look forward to assisting all students in attaining their career goals.

Founded in 1995

Seacoast Career Schools was established in 1995 by Career Directions, Inc., as an organization that specialized in computer and business skills training. Premier Education Group, L.P., acquired the school in August 2001. Concurrently, the name was changed from Seacoast Works Business School to Seacoast Career Schools. We attribute our extraordinary success to our ability to identify the gap between formal education and the realities of the working world.

We are committed to the personal success of those enrolled. We offer a friendly atmosphere, the use of current equipment and software, and consistency; complemented by a proven record of success. At Seacoast Career Schools, learning is results-oriented, which allows people to define what they’ve learned and put their new found skills to work immediately.

Seacoast Career Schools is committed to raising today’s occupational and training standards and constantly strives to make lifelong learning a rewarding and viable option for people of all ages and levels of expertise. At Seacoast Career Schools, we’ve shifted the focus from teaching to learning, designing our courses in a way that allows our students to learn by doing and not simply by listening.
At Seacoast Career Schools, experience has taught us that a hands-on approach is the best way to learn. Our focus is on practical application infused with lecture, progressing one step at a time until students are capable of completing exercises unaided.

Mission & Goals

Seacoast Career Schools trains individuals for allied health career opportunities. Seacoast Career Schools will continue to develop and operate a variety of courses and programs designed to prepare students for entry-level positions which provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

Goals of Seacoast Career Schools

  • To enroll students who are interested in developing or improving their skills in the subject areas taught by the training center.
  • To enroll in vocational program students who are interested in seeking and obtaining employment after completing the training program.
  • To maintain an awareness of the competencies required for placement in the curriculum areas taught by the training center.
  • To train students in the subject competencies required for placement in the selected fields of professional growth.
  • To train vocational program students in the process of interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, job development, and to provide the students with placement assistance.
  • To hire staff members and instructors who are capable of working effectively with the students who attend the training center.
  • To provide students with equipment and instructional materials suitable for the training program taught.
  • To review courses and programs so that adjustments may be made to reflect the changing standards and needs of a business.
  • To operate a facility that provides students with a comfortable, safe, and professional environment.