Career Services Department

Attending Seacoast is more than just taking classes. Our goal is to help you succeed in your new career after you graduate. And our Career Services department is here to help.

In Career Services, we work with all of our students to find the best way to launch their new careers. We do this by providing each of our students with help in training, building resumes, and searching for the right job. Here are some of the things our Career Services department can do for you:

  • Creating Resumes & Cover Letters —You’ll learn how to write a resume and cover letter that put forth the most positive points in your job skills and experience.
  • Job Searching —You’ll learn how to use all of your available tools to hunt out the jobs that best match your training and interests.
  • Interviewing —You’ll get practice interviewing with our experienced staff members to prepare you before your first interview.

Other Benefits of Seacoast’s Career Services

Knowing the employers: The Career Services staff makes it their business to know regional businesses. Keeping in touch with these potential employers is a two-way street. Not only does Seacoast help match their graduates with potential jobs, but in return, these employers get quality Seacoast graduates as employees. By working closely with these employers, Seacoast Career Services helps its graduates get a sense of what job possibilities are best for them.

Referrals and References: When an employer comes to us with job openings, we are proud to be able to make referrals for Seacoast graduates. We can also serve as a reference on your resume.

Championing: We care about our graduates. The Seacoast Career Services staff is your champion and will support you throughout the job hunting process. Whether it’s giving you a little reassurance or searching for a job alongside you, we will help you look for the job that’s right for you.

Post-graduation advice: After you graduate, Seacoast doesn’t forget about you. Upon successful completion of your program, the Seacoast Career Services will be there for you if you need additional career advice. We want our graduates to succeed! So come back and visit us, even if it’s been a few years since you graduated.

We are your team: Finding a job that’s a good fit for you doesn’t happen when someone else does the job hunting for you. You will still need to do the work to find that job, but at Seacoast Career Schools, you will have a team working along with you to guide you and support you along the way.

Gaining Workplace Experience

An added benefit of the Seacoast Career Schools education is the on-the-job training that our students experience. All of the programs at Seacoast include an externship or internship which provides a valuable opportunity. Not only do you get a chance to apply what’s taught in the classroom into a real work setting, but you can also include this work experience on your resume and be confident that you are entering the workforce with marketable skills.

During the externship or internship, qualified personnel works closely with you as you try out your new skills. From our years of experience in adult education, Seacoast Career Schools believes that hands-on learning is the best way to learn. And for this reason, completing your placement successfully is a requirement for graduation.

On-the-job training also provides Seacoast students with an opportunity to make connections with potential employers. Getting to know other professionals in your new field is an excellent way to start developing your career. And in some cases, Seacoast students have even been hired by their externship site for full-time employment. We think you will agree that the hands-on training you receive at Seacoast is one of the best ways to prepare for your first job in your chosen career field.

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