How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Include these 5 steps in your preparations to set yourself up for success

When you’re invited to an interview, that means your resume and cover letter got you past the first hurdle and you have the basic qualifications. Congratulations! Now you want to impress the hiring manager in person. This is your opportunity to persuade your employer that you’re the one they need for this particular job. They key to doing well is fairly simple: Spend time preparing!

Here we’ve put together 5 steps to help you set yourself up to have a great interview:

1.  Research the employer
Every place you interview will be different—even different offices within the same company. Find out all you can about your employer. It’s usually easy to search online and get the scoop on how long they’ve been in business, and who are the key people you’d be working for. It’s especially smart to find out who’ll be interviewing you, and even look at their LinkedIn profiles a few days before. (You might even discover that you have some people in common!) Try to find out a little bit about the clients they attract. And whatever you don’t discover in your online sleuthing can make for a smart question to ask during your interview!

2.  Know why you want the job
Do your homework regarding the details of the position you’re applying for. It’s good to absorb as many details of the job posting as you can, so you’re not caught off-guard when you’re in the interview chair. Think about the qualities that a hiring manager might be looking for in this position, and find ways to give examples that demonstrate you have those skills.

3.  Come prepared
Expect to speak clearly and confidently about aspects of your resume that you think are most relevant to this position. Bring extra copies of your resume along with you, so that if you end up interviewing with more than one person, you look organized and proactive. Think about what details you can add in person to the list of work experience you’ve listed on your resume.

4.  Plan an outfit
Pick an outfit that gives you a professional look and makes you feel confident. Clothes you want to avoid at an interview include: scrubs, jeans, clothing that’s torn, stained, too tight, or too baggy.

5.  Be on time
Make sure you know exactly where to go for your interview, and arrive in plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed. You want to be relaxed, not frantic. Punctuality is the first indicator that you have what it takes to be a reliable employee.

We hope these tips serve you well in your interview preparation. At Seacoast Career Schools, our career services department works side-by-side with our students to help you search and find the best job fit for your skills, interests and personal goals. We offer practice interviewing with our experience staff members so you’ll feel prepared for your first job interview.


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