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Massage Therapy at Seacoast Career Schools

Massage Therapy Schools

Are you interested in health and wellness? Would you like to help clients reduce their stress and relieve their pain? If so, Seacoast Career Schools' Massage Therapy program may be the program for you. As professionals in the allied health field, massage therapists can help their clients in many ways, from relieving anxiety and encouraging relaxation to reducing pain and increasing flexibility.  If you're considering massage therapy schools, read on!

Massage therapy is becoming more popular, as more and more people enjoy the benefits that massage can bring. Massage therapists can be found working in a range of settings, such as spas and resorts, hospitals and nursing homes, shopping malls, fitness clubs, and other massage facilities.

At Seacoast, our massage therapy program trains students in a wide range of classical massage techniques, advanced therapeutic procedures, and soft tissue manipulation. Students will also learn about massage techniques for special populations, such as professional athletes, pregnant women, and seniors. 

If you are checking out massage therapy schools, explore our pages to learn how the Massage Therapy program at Seacoast can help get you started in this exciting field.

Career Description: Massage Therapist
Learn more about the job responsibilities, employment outlook, and earning potential for massage therapists.

Sample Courses: Massage Therapy
Coursework at Seacoast is a hands-on experience. Take a look at some of the courses that will help prepare you for your new career.

Career Services: Massage Therapy
At Seacoast, we want you to succeed after graduation. Read about how our Career Services department helps you plan your career.

Our Graduates Say It Best

Shellie Morin Massage Therapy Program

Graduate: Shellie Morin
Program: Massage Therapy
Campus: Seacoast/Sanford, ME

“Deciding to enroll in school was a life-changing decision, I would not be the person I am today if I had not enrolled.”

Shellie Morin was able to stay at home with her young children, but once they were in school, she was ready to re-join the workforce. “It was the perfect time to do some soul-searching and figure out what I wanted to do,” recalls Shellie.

Shellie had always been interested in the field of healthcare, and massage therapy seemed like the perfect way she could help people improve their health and wellness, in addition to relieving their pain and stress. Shellie decided to enroll in the Massage Therapy program at the Sanford, ME campus of Seacoast Career Schools.

“Deciding to enroll in school was a life-changing decision,” says Shellie. “I would not be the person I am today if I had not enrolled.” Shellie explains that she not only learned the skills she needed for her new career, but she also changed her own lifestyle for the better. She began taking a more natural holistic approach to her own life, improving her nutrition and wellness.

Shellie started her own massage business, called Sense-Sational Massage, and offered such services as Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and chair massages. With her own business, she could work for herself. “I can make my own hours and work out of my home when I need to. This helps me balance my work life and my family life,” Shellie explained.

“It’s never too late to change your career or go back to school,” Shellie offers, “I went back to school when I was 32, and now I have a career that I will love for the rest of my life.” And Shellie never stops learning. “Going back to school showed me that I will always be able to learn and grow.”

What Shellie says about Seacoast: “Going to Seacoast was the best decision I ever made! I feel my future is unlimited in the field of massage therapy.”