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Become a Professional Medical Assistant

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Do you want to be in a helping profession? Are you interested in the medical field? Have you considered medical assistant school?  If so, Seacoast’s Professional Medical Assistant program may be a good fit for you.

Professional Medical Assistants are an important part of a professional medical team. Most medical assistants perform both clinical tasks and administrative tasks. They work directly with patients, handling duties such as taking vital signs, reassuring a patient before a procedure, or administering medications. Medical assistants may also be responsible for office work such as scheduling appointments or keeping patient records.

There are a number of work settings for medical assistants. You may work at a private medical office, clinic, outpatient center, hospital, surgery center, or other medical facility.

Medical assistants serve as an important link between the patients and doctors, and help to keep medical offices running efficiently. As a professional medical assistant, you will play a meaningful role in serving patients and assisting doctors. What's more, the program at Seacoast will help you prepare for national certification exams.  If you want the satisfaction that comes with helping others, you may want to consider the Professional Medical Assistant program at Seacoast.

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Our Graduates Say It Best

Lori DiAnni - Professional Medical Assistant program

Graduate:  Lori DiAnni
Program:  Professional Medical Assistant
Campus: Seacoast/Sanford, ME

“As a professional medical assistant, I have more confidence and more opportunities for advancement.”

Lori DiAnni worked as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) for 15 years, and while she enjoyed her work, she found caring for the patients’ physical needs to be too physically demanding for her. Given how much she loved the field of healthcare, she wanted a career where she would still have the opportunity to help patients.

Lori decided that becoming a professional medical assistant would be the best path for her. She could still see patients and help them with their medical concerns, but she would no longer be responsible for physical tasks like helping to lift patients from beds to wheelchairs.

“I knew it was time for a change, but I was nervous about going back to school,” Lori explained. It had been 30 years since Lori had been in school, but she took a big step and enrolled in the Professional Medical Assistant program at the Sanford campus of Seacoast Career Schools.

Lori had other concerns too. She was working second shift as a CNA and going to Seacoast during the day. With such a full schedule, she was concerned that she would be too tired to study. And on top of that, her daughter was in college, so she was worried about finances too.

Despite her concerns, Lori was determined to succeed, and she did. For her externship, she was placed at a company called Cardiovascular Consultants. The company was so impressed with her work that they hired her for a full-time position.

“All of the hard work was worth it,” Lori says. “As a professional medical assistant, I have more confidence and more opportunities for advancement,” she explained. And in her new position, she was working regular daytime business hours instead of the night shift. “My family enjoys having me home every night, and I love it too. I am home on weekends and holidays too.”

What Lori says about Seacoast: “Choosing to enroll at Seacoast was the best career decision I have ever made!”