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Six Advantages of Being a Dental Assistant

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advantages of being a dental assistantHere are some compelling reasons to enter this crucial healthcare field

The days can be very busy as a dental assistant, with a constant stream of new patients. But there are lots of advantages to this profession. If you’re studying to be a dental assistant now, here are some of the things about the job you can look forward to:

Getting to know your patients
Patients usually come to a practice routinely, once or twice a year. This means that you have the opportunity for genuine interaction with them and a chance to know them over time. Plus, there are always new faces to get to know!

You’re the expert on healthy dental habits
After the cleaning and examination, you get to talk with patients about how to put into place healthy dental habits. Patients are generally relieved that the stressful part of the visit is over, and you have the chance to provide them with information and insight that can improve their health.

A regular work schedule
Since most dental practices are open during business hours, it’s unlikely you’ll have to work night shifts or weekends. (Although Saturday mornings might be a requirement at some offices.) This can be great if you have kids in school—or if you just want to have a social life!

Time to know your co-workers
If you work in a small practice, chances are you’ll have a chance to bond with your colleagues. The work environment tends to be more fun as you get to know them better.

A range of job opportunities
A private dental office isn’t the only place a dental assistant can work. You may be able to find work in several specialty areas of practice such as orthodontia, in public health, or at a dental clinic at a college or university. Some dental assistants work in health insurance companies, providing customer service and even processing claims. Some large corporations look to dental assistants to serve as salespeople for their dental products. Even if you do work for a private dental practice, some dental assistants work at multiple offices for the same dentist.

You get to give away “swag bags”
Everyone likes getting free samples, and dentists’ offices tend to have plenty of brushes, floss, and other giveaways for patients. Kids, especially, can find this exciting. It’s nice to send a patient on their way with a smile on their face.


We hope this overview makes you feel positive about choosing a career in dental assisting. If you’re considering making a career change, read about what it takes to be a dental assistant. It could be the beginning of a gratifying new professional path for you!


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