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Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

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national grandparents dayA wonderful opportunity to honor the grandparents and elders in our lives

We adults might forget, amidst our day-to-day race against the clock, to take the time to honor and celebrate the elder and sage family members and friends who came before us and enrich our lives. Grandparents are a connection with the past and a peek into the future. They have the benefit of having already journeyed through many of the phases and challenges we’re currently facing. They deserve our gratitude for the many ways they have served our families, our communities, and our nation. And National Grandparents Day, on September 10, is a great way to honor this.

Even if your biological grandparents are no longer living, you can still honor their memory. Beyond our blood relatives, each of us should also seek out the elders in our community. It’s an excellent way to learn from their wisdom and to celebrate their contributions.

Here are some of the many ways you can celebrate Grandparents Day on September 10:

  1. Spend time together: Above all else, grandparents want to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives. It is a rich reward for all their efforts at raising future parents. Whether it’s an hour at their house or a week at the beach, time stands still when these two generations come together.
  2. Make a family recipe together: Food can play a wonderful role in the sharing of family memories and shaping new ones. Encourage grandma or grandpa to make their favorite holiday recipe—or create a new family recipe together!
  3. Record their stories: You would be surprised at how many stories grandma and grandpa have to share! Your child could write a list of questions ahead of time (with your help if they are very young) to ask during their next visit or phone call.
  4. Ask some questions, such as:
    • In what city were you born?
    • What was your favorite activity when you were my age? Your favorite subject in school? Least favorite?
    • Can you remember a favorite trip or outing you took with your parents?
    • What has changed the most since you were a kid?
    • What are your hopes for the future of our planet?

You could record the answers to these questions in a special journal that becomes a family keepsake and can be read each year on Grandparents Day!

Above all else, we simply need to make time for the grandparents in your lives, to listen to what they have to share, to create shared memories, and to say, “Thank you, for paving the way for me.”

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