Your resume is your best marketing tool

Use these tips to help create a resume that sets you apart from other applicants

Congratulations, you have figured out the career that you feel will give you the most job satisfaction, you worked hard to complete your studying and training, and you’re ready to start applying for jobs! Whether you have lots of job experience or this is your first job, you will need to create a resume that aims to impress potential employers.

While it may take time to get them right, resumes are worth the time spent. Employers have only minutes to consider each applicant with the number of resumes they receive on top of their busy schedules. Use these tips to help your resume grab attention and make the strongest case as to why you should be hired.

Tailor your resume to the position

First, research different sample resumes depending on which field you are entering. You want to try to position your resume for each job you apply, highlighting how you match the job description.

Add summary statement

A summary statement can help explain what makes you a valuable professional. In contrast to an objective statement that merely tells what type of job you are seeking, a summary statement may say why you are seeking a job in that field. For example, instead of saying, “I’m a dental assistant student seeking a job in a pediatric dental office,” your summary statement might say, “Dental assistant dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate care to pediatric patients.”

Lead with your strength

While most applicants lead with their job experience, if you recently finished a training program related to your new career choice, it may make more sense to lead with the education section. List your education and training, starting with the most recent first.

Highlight your technology skills

Most jobs today require the use of technology, and employers like to know that you are current on your tech skills. Use your resume to highlight your strengths in technology, especially if it is part of the job requirements.

Sweat the details

When crafting your resume, remember your goals and always select details that support them. Focus on any duties or achievements you have that could set you apart from your competition. Think of achievements you can quantify, such as how many new clients you were able to recruit as a massage therapist.

Make it easy to scan

Most employers simply scan your resume instead of reading it, spending about 10 seconds per resume. Using bullet points, you can get your information across in easy-to-read bites. Make sure all formatting is clean and consistent. If you choose to indent for one section, make sure you do it everywhere.

Add volunteer experience

Volunteering experience can highlight your commitment, leadership skills, and character. It may set you apart from other applicants who don’t volunteer by showing how you give up personal time to help others.

Writing a good resume will take time and several drafts. Make sure to have a friend or family member proofread for spelling errors, typos, and inconsistencies. You should also visit your Career Services department to get additional feedback and advice. Once the job interviews start coming in, read How to Prepare for a Job Interview for more tips to set you up for success. We wish you lots of luck as you enter this new phase of your career!

At the Seacoast Career Schools, we feature weekly articles aimed at supporting our current and prospective students as they begin their job searches. If you are considering a training program to become a Professional Medical Assistant, Health Claims Specialist, Massage Therapist, or Dental Assistant, the Career Services departments at our two campus locations in Manchester, NH, and Sanford, ME, can provide additional resources. Contact us to get started!

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